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Dear friend,


With great joy do I write to you today. It’s a new week and just as we are about taking hold of it, I write to my friend desperate to be in a relationship.


From ages 12 upwards, lots of changes begin to occur in us, with puberty comes an urge to find companionship. Friendship just seems not enough at that time.


Well, I speak to my grown friend today with the frustration of feeling lonely and the desperation to have a personal relationship.


Firstly, loneliness doesn’t leave because you have a relationship. Lots of issues make us feel lonely with the perception that we cannot come through without a helping hand. But a relationship doesn’t solve it especially when it’s one gotten out of desperation.


Your friendship can do so much more than the thought of being in someone’s arms or having someone to sweet talk you to sleep. In difficult times, even in relationships, the friendship cultivated is what pulls each partner through.


Secondly, peer pressure is never a reason to be desperate for a relationship. Different people have their reasons, motives and expectations towards a relationship so till you are particularly ready, rushing for a relationship is like starting a car you don’t know how to drive. Please friend chill.


Friend, we all have feelings but we are not to push for a relationship because of a crush or a feeling. A relationship doesn’t tame our weakness for having feelings or wanting someone to call our own. Self-discipline and maturity is what helps us control our feelings or keep them at bay.


In conclusion friend, sailing the waters of a relationship when you’re not ready may rock your boat and push you off your comfort. The wounds from a broken relationship take time to heal so guard your heart. Never be anxious over a relationship. Life is a process and there’s always a time for everything, even, a relationship. Make friends with people, build a good network of people who are positive and supportive. It takes a good friendship to give a good relationship. Learn to be happy with yourself first and make yourself a better person.


Do feel free to drop your comments, suggestions and questions below. For your personal questions do send us a message at hisrulepublications@gmail.com. Have an awesome week.


Yours truly,


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