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Dear friend,

It’s a privilege to write to you today. Indeed writing to you gives me joy because it gives me acceptance knowing fully well that I am not rejected. Rejection is a battle and I’d love to share the little experience I’ve had with it.

Few weeks ago, I got caught up feeling down, having a low self-esteem, feeling vulnerable and eventually feeling I was rejected because I couldn’t fit in. So I concluded , “Mr. So and So isn’t talking to me because I probably don’t have good ideas and the cold shoulder is just a sign that I’m not wanted. Ms. So and So has got a better friend, I think I’m outdated” and this was just a tip of the iceberg. My thoughts rampaged in me till I began to make lists of what I have, what I don’t have and failures I had experienced. I didn’t realise how unfair I had been treating myself. Even if everyone had indeed rejected me, most importantly, I had rejected myself.

It’s so easy for us to be unfair to ourselves especially when we have no convincing views about ourselves. Some of us feel within ourselves that we are ugly so when someone changes around you, you begin to feel more convinced that you are.

It’s hard to build an emotional block that was never existent in your formidable years but it’s never too late to tell yourself what friends didn’t tell you or what family didn’t tell you- that you are good, intelligent, handsome, pretty and everything in a package called “good”.

If you are feeling rejected, then you’ve not learnt to accept yourself. You see yourself in others and when those people pull back, you feel alone and rejected. Value yourself, friend. My turning point began when I was honest enough to say to myself that some people need me- I am very important, I am not a missing piece but an important piece in life. It doesn’t matter who said they don’t want me, I know I am still wanted else the breadth of life would have been snuffed out of me.

Friend, start believing in yourself. Don’t match up your worth with events that happen in your life. It’s time to wipe your tears away, it’s time to smile and be strong because with or without those who rejected you, you’d rise up.

Till we meet again, never stop speaking positive words to yourself. Even if the world is quiet on you, don’t stop speaking to yourself. Please drop your comments and suggestions. For personal questions send a whatsapp message to 09057180149. Have an awesome week!

Yours truly,


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