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Dear friend,

It’s a pleasure writing to you today. It’s a new week and the hustle and bustle continues but with everything comes the fight to stay sane and strong. This is why I write to you today.

I understand the thought of being in a cage of worries and discouragement and the feeling that no one cares. And in such situations, the feeling that the light at the end of the tunnel is very far away. Well, even with all this in sight you have to get out of your cage and walk towards the light.

Friend, I write to encourage you to keep pushing even though the circumstances do not seem favourable. Now isn’t the time to snap or breakdown, it’s the moment to be strong.

We don’t plan to have problems but they come our way nevertheless so don’t take it hard on yourself, it’s just a path you take on your journey to success. When these problems do come, it’s only time to calm down and think of better ways to handle it. Don’t accept pressure from people or the problem in front of you, chill friend.

The easiest way to lose your fight to stay strong is to fill yourself with doubts over the things you love, over the friends you have, those who support you and God who truly believes in you. Thankfully, the opposite of doubt is belief, so it’s time to believe in God, yourself and expect the best in your future even though things seem bad at present.

I may not know how tough the circumstances are at the moment but I’m sure it wouldn’t come your way if you don’t possess the ability to handle it. Be strong through it all and I’m sure you will make it.

Till we meet again friend, be bold and courageous. Don’t hide away in doubts, I believe in you. Feel free to drop your comments, suggestions and questions. Do share this with a friend. Have a great week!

Yours truly,

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