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Dear friend,

It feels great writing to you today. I do hope you are hale and hearty. I also hope this letter meets you well. Today, I write to you concerning “feelings”.

Everyone has feelings, at some point or the other. It’s one thing to hide the reality of it and it’s another to accept that it does exist. Whichever way you go, “feelings” have come to stay. And by feelings, I mean developing a strong affection towards a person, wanting to be around the person, the butterflies in the belly or tightening in the stomach when you hear his/her voice, and endless dreams about the both of you being a couple.

At some point or the other it happens, the clause is you having control–self-control–. It’s hard to control these feelings but a mature man isn’t controlled by his feelings, it is in fact wrong for him to make decisions based on feelings. Logical reasoning itself isn’t based on how you feel. To come out strong is to know exactly what you want and control yourself to keep to it.

Feelings are good however, you should have a strong affection towards someone you love. We must also understand what love is and how different it is from mere feelings. Feelings are unpredictable but love isn’t, it is there both through good and bad times; through flaws and perfection.

So friend, know what you want and fight for it. Choose how you feel just like you decide to wipe your tears and be happy. You can fight this.

This letter wouldn’t be true if I didn’t mention self-control: till you’re sure, don’t make commitments, have enough control not to. Don’t profess love by how you feel, friend. Learn to control your speech and even how you feel. Work with your head and not your heart. Be true to yourself first before you obey your feelings.

Till we meet again, remain focused. Don’t be tossed by feelings; choose a direction and stick with it. Do drop your comments and subscribe to get updates on our posts. For personal questions send us a whatsapp message on 09057180149 or mail us at hisrulepublications@gmail.com. Have a great week!

Yours truly,


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