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Dear friend,

It’s another great week ahead of us and I hope your weekend was awesome. I write today to my friend who has authored a book of excuses.

There is an excuse for you not to be alive today, I must say and a purpose for which you are. Excuses are enemies to purpose fulfilment. If you were to think of why you shouldn’t be alive, a lot of negatives and guilt would be built about and around you.

It wouldn’t be wise to focus on these negatives but friend I write to focus these negatives on the excuses we give for why life is on a standstill for us; the excuses for why we have not gotten a degree, the excuses for why we haven’t achieved anything – the blames we place on family, friends, the society and even the government.

We bring these excuses and weep over soiled milk, for instance: “I’m not in school like my peers, I guess I should have died when I was dropped in the gutter as an orphan, there’s no one to care for me.” “I can’t think straight, I just slapped someone, I’m a big sinner” “I’m not moving forward in my business even though I have lots of family members who can help but just don’t want to”.

There’s in fact so much more excuses, your sin could have been a reason for your sleeping the sleep of death, yet you are alive, perhaps God would just help snuff the pain of being lonely from you by giving you death, yet you are here and even with your attitude towards purpose, he doesn’t say, “Oh just take death”, you are still here- there’s a purpose.

So why do we then assign excuses to life. We sometimes cannot face a trial in the eye without batting our eye lids to say I think I’ll fight tomorrow. What if there’s no tomorrow to fight?

Rather than seek excuses, start by stating your purpose daily to yourself, keep reminding yourself of how important you are and your duty to remain important. And we know, importance cannot be retained when you are making no impact. Impact itself is consistent work, you can’t give yourself excuses and expect impact. You are alive for a purpose and for your shortcomings, the custodian of your life could have taken a break yet there’s so much in you signifying it’s not your time. Take hold of what you have now.

Friend, make a move, know what you are doing and attack with your might. Get better at it, commit to your purpose and stop making up excuses. For every day we give ourselves excuses, we lose impact.

As I stated earlier, it isn’t wise to surround yourself with negatives of why you shouldn’t be alive neither is it wise to do so even while you’re alive. Depression brings excuses, also pride, anxiety, loneliness etc helps you live on excuses, it stops you from pushing ahead. Learn to deal with your emotions, never let it take over you, it is yours to control. Don’t let your emotions give you excuses and never let your achievements give you excuses.

Till we meet again, friend,  life could look like a beast but beauty in purpose, diligence and integrity can calm it. Never let your excuses kill your drive, rather deal with the excuses.

Do feel free to drop your comments, I’d be expecting them. Also send your personal questions and suggestions to hisrulepublications@gmail.com. Have an awesome week and don’t forget to share this with a friend.

Yours truly,

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