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Dear friend,


It’s another great week and I’m glad we are hale and hearty. This week, I write to my friend lying to himself or herself.


Friend, the biggest lie we tell ourselves is: “I’m okay” or “I’m fine” when of course, things aren’t fine. Lying to people is wrong, lying to yourself included. I’m not writing to discourage you from being strong when times are hard, I’m writing to let you know it’s time to speak up.


I’m writing to my friend who is devastated because he lost his only source of income and has got no way to feed his family. I’m writing to my friend who is frustrated with her violent marriage and is at the verge of losing her life. I’m writing to my friend constantly being abused by a close and respected family member yet he/she cannot say anything. I beg to wonder that the cause has to be societal values and beliefs created by the society, human beliefs, Personal and family principles etc, so we shriek in fear.


Friend, we can’t keep quiet when it starts getting out of hand. Know when it’s time to speak up, the world is changing and hopefully we are getting better but some people are only upgrading their methods for being evil. You may have made a wrong choice or decision but don’t sit in it, don’t accept to die in it.


Different societies go by different principles, e.g a rapist has to marry the girl he rapes to cover her shame (how can a shameless man cover one’s shame). She accepts it because they told her it is so- what is not good, isn’t good. A man threw his child off the balcony because he’s frustrated, he needs counselling but he refuses to accept that he needs help from a “shrink”, society would call him mad. It wouldn’t matter if he commits suicide. This is the society that believes we zip up our lips and wear a smile saying, “I’m fine”.


We all need a shoulder at some points to express how deep our wounds are. Mind you, a good and trustworthy friend. Don’t keep silent when you really need to speak. Don’t accept to die when you’ve got a chance to life. Don’t accept to cry when you can smile. Don’t lie to yourself when you know the truth.


Please seek help, I don’t want to lose you, your generation needs you. Be strong, don’t sit in depression. Speak up.


Till we meet again next week, let’s keep sticking to true values that help us see the truth and be free. Please drop a comment, questions and suggestions allowed. For personal questions send us a mail at hisrulepublications@gmail.com. Have a great week.


Yours truly,



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