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HRP LETTER SERIES: Letter to my friend on action

Dear friend,

It’s a privilege writing to you today. You are quite special to be part of this time. I hope you have been scaling through just fine. My letter to you today is about action.

Action is quite a relative word, we hear “act now” quite often, so it’s not new. My letter however is to ask about your various lockdown list of things to do, your personal resolution and your adjusted resolution. What have you been doing about them?

It’s easy to get all juiced up about an exciting way to take over your dreams, live life better and achieve more, the problem however is the ability to act on the never ending lists.

Well, you are not the only one guilty. We all bite more than we can chew once in a while piling endless lists of to dos, often things we wrote out of hope and unrealistic in nature. Acting on all you’ve written is a value called discipline. It is setting yourself apart till you are hand in hand with your objectives. You may speak all day, it’s quite easy but taking action would require you lifting yourself to do something.

Friend, we often get weary at acting because we want to act on everything at once. Multi-tasking in the real sense is not much of a joyful experience to begin with. It may seem like an ego and esteem booster but you give less than half your time each time you multi-task. More so, you cannot derive joy from whatever you do when you multi-task. So eating while going through the documents might seem like a relief for you but in real sense, you lose touch of the taste of your food and even when you are done with the documents, you feel relieved that you are done not pratically enjoying the work you have just done.

So let’s do this a better way. Act in bits, deal with what you can in bits. Often, we think we spend a lot of time working but research shows how much we delve into distractions like right now as you’re thinking of the next job to do, chat/call to make, or the popcorn in the microwave. Taking the right actions involve learning to control your mind.

Put a leash on your mind by learning to channel it in the right direction per time. Ensure to tick off whatever you are done with, it helps you to be more productive friend.

As I end my later today, remember there’s so much to do but you cannot do all. Learn not too hamper too much on yourself to the point that you get overwhelmed. You cannot focus on important tasks when overwhelmed, be more kin to choosing the right tasks and doing them at the right time.

Till we meet again, do act now and get rid of distractions once in a while. Do you have a personal question to ask or discuss? Chat us up at hisrulepublications@gmail.com. Have a great day!

Yours truly,

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