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Dear friend,

It’s a great week ahead of us and I’m glad you made it and I made it too. With great joy do I write to you today on the subject being loyal to a cause, as we find ourselves getting tied to different interests in life. Loyalty, however, is the problem so some factors are necessary before you attach yourself to a cause and know how to stick to it till the end.

A cause in this context means a purpose. There are various opportunities here and there and people just want to do something, no one wants to lazy around. But before we take the crucial step of joining a cause (or a team of people with a vision to do something or take some steps), we should know what it entails. Before joining a team ask questions, you cannot act loyal when you don’t know what you are loyal to and really, you shouldn’t be loyal to a wrong cause.

These questions could be: what’s the vision of this cause? what are the objectives and what is the value system of this place? It is your right to know these as what you see on the outside might not be the real deal on the inside. When the values align with your interests, and you join the cause, the main idea is to be loyal.

It is actually hard to be loyal. Where there are rules, people naturally get the urge to break them or ask questions why it can’t be adjusted. The fact is when you join a cause, loyalty is also as important as why you joined. It means keeping whatever ethics necessary and keeping whatever is said in the circle, in the circle- you must not divulge information to external parties.

Loyalty also means responsibility. It means being responsible for whatever duty given to you. For instance, in your circle of friends or family, there are some people you can easily count on in times of trouble. You know these people are dedicated to the word “friendship”; it is the same as carrying out your duties efficiently regarding the purpose you pursue, it shows that you are loyal.

Furthermore, friend you can be loyal to a personal cause, that is, to your own purpose. It means being determined no matter the obstacles you may face. It also means knowing the information meant to stay with you or within your team and the information which outsiders may know. Loyalty is fighting till the end no matter the shame, the opposition, discouragement or personal weakness.

Loyalty doesn’t pay attention to the weather, the rain could be heavy and the sun could be hot- it is steadfast. Friend, as we walk into this new week, be loyal. Audit any idea, cause, vision, group etc and check your availability before you finally commit yourself to it. Stand firm to your dreams and be highly supportive to whatever team you have joined which have positive goals and a selfless drive.

Till we meet again next week, do ensure to send us your questions and suggestions to our mail at hisrulepublications@gmail.com or info@hisrulepub.com.ng. Feel free to drop your comments in the box below. Keep being happy and have an awesome week. Remember to share this with a friend.


Yours truly,

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