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Dear friend,

It feels great writing to you at this time. I hope my letter meets you well. Today, I wish to break the norm/rules by telling you about the necessity for it. We were taught to live by the rules, I was, it worked well, still does, how?

Everyone is at peace with your decisions because you’re taking their decisions not yours in reality, you are troubled inside moving at someone else’s pace but on the outside, you are quite successful by their metrics. This is what living by the rules feels like so it’s not wrong to say it works while you suffer on the inside living below your potential.

As I continue writing my letter to you friend, please be sure this isn’t borne out of anger but displeasure in how we live below our potentials. It is easy to say No to your inner self and tell others ‘yes’ for some kind of peace to reign. Think of yourself as a confidant whom you discuss your secrets to and tell your thoughts and think of how many times you have gone back on the advice, promises and words of encouragement which you give yourself. I’m sure the number is beyond reach. You cannot break the rules in life (living beyond the norm and being your best self) if you keep dishonouring yourself.

Friend, I’d share a few words from Sheri Riley, ‘it is pride to live below your potential and not fulfil your purpose’ (emphasis mine). It is pride dear friend to keep back your potential, to keep back all that God has given you to make you shine. It’s not humility but mediocrity to prefer the status quo. It is pride to fill yourself with ideas and wordy commitments with nothing worthwhile.

There is a norm at different junctions in life, our conscience kicks us but pressure and culture cuddles us to stay back and do what everyone wants without causing trouble. The good news is sometimes you have to be a trouble maker; shake the atmosphere and do what’s right. By all means never leave yourself to continue in a mold laid back even before you were born.

Life has gone on, and a lot of people are still stuck to the norm. The ‘thats how we do it’ mentality cannot go on if you want to change your status. Think outside the box, friend. Let your inner being wake up!

Till we meet again, don’t keep up with the norm, keep training, keep learning and unlearning the wrong. Do drop a comment sharing your thoughts on this. Send us a mail for more enquiries on info@hisrulepub.com. or hisrulepublications@gmail.com, or a direct message via whatsapp at 08136621133. Have a great week!

Yours truly,


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