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HRP LETTER SERIES: Letter To My Friend On Courage

HRP LETTER SERIES: Letter To My Friend On Courage

Dear friend,

It’s yet an awesome feeling to pick up my digital pen to write to you. Amidst all around you, I hope you are hale and hearty. Today I write to you on courage.

Friend, courage is a proactive feeling, it is more an internal force than an external force. Some thinkers say it is the presence of fear. I choose external fears to the term fear because a fearful person will just never do anything as regards to what he fears till he gets it out of himself even if for a split second. Fear drains all forms of energy if you have it in you. Courage is the presence of external fears and the ability to stop them from entering your ship.

Some fears just seem greater by the level of attention we pay to them. For instance, imagine someone afraid of getting hit by a bicycle. This almost sounds abnormal because the hit might really do nothing. And then after having a tete â tete with the person, you find out that a lot of people he/she knows have died from bicycle accidents. That’s the information fueling the fear. And this is why we respond to fear in different ways. Courage is refusing to back down despite the presence of fear around you.

Right now friend, there is an arsenal of information fueling fears on ailments, mental illnesses, anxiety, depression and lots more, my letter to you is to address how you respond.

Be courageous! Don’t be dismayed (rendered lifeless, deprived of energy, or alarmed with fear). This is practically the state of mind of a lot of people at the moment— a state of dismay. The fear is just too much so they recline to long hours of sleep, life feels too short and unpredictable and fear is on the loom with each breadth. So be courageous friend, filter the fear and here’s how.

Refocus yourself on positive information about whatever you are afraid of. Feed your mind positively and don’t stop. All that negativity won’t just disappear because it’s eaten deep, refill your mind’s tank positively. You can make a genuine effort of seeking positive information, it would surely pay.

Furthermore, don’t think positive thoughts alone as a response to negative thoughts, speak them out. Get yourself positive affirmations if you can. Be deliberate enough about sending the right words into your space. You intentionally and unintentionally spoke the negative words, it’s time to clear the air—Be heavily deliberate, shoot the positive words into the air. It’s been scientifically proven that words spoken do come back. Speak! Speak friend.

Finally friend, don’t look for a reason to be happy just be happy. It is true that there are various uncertainties around us but it shouldn’t stop you from just smiling to yourself. It’s needed more than ever that you are at peace with yourself and then with your sphere. Meditate on things that keep you in a stable state. Have a good mental balance, it affects your physical state.

Sure to meet you again next week friend, be courageous, be strong, we’ll come out stronger than we ever were. Have a good day!

Yours truly,

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