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Dear friend,

It’s another great week and I’m glad you made it. Today, I find it a privilege to write to you on forgiveness because it does take someone you trust to listen to.

Forgiveness isn’t easy so even when we believe we have, we are broken and resist the thought of stirring the old hurts when the offender offends us. Forgiveness doesn’t erase the scars, it sometimes changes nothing. We are in a reality where we want our pain justified so holding on to the hurt and telling those who matter about it seem to be our way of payback; it’s just our brain’s way of healing our hurts.

Just like tears, our brain cannot configure a perfect response to pain, joy, sadness or excitement, so we cry when we are overwhelmed. Here is also forgiveness, it is overwhelming and feels disempowering so we often don’t take the leap, it actually seems harder to give it than ask for it.

So why do we need to give it? Friend because life goes on and unfortunately, some people would never be paid back for their evils in this lifetime…yes, the movies lied to us. The more you hold on to the requested and unwarranted forgiveness the more the anger piles up, disempowerment and misuse of authority to pacify yourself—the more you hurt those around you. You can never really be free till you let yourself go; that part of you requesting revenge and not particularly justice.

That all may be still in you and you receive peace, you need to forgive even the stubbornest of people. Some people would never admit they are wrong, it’s best to forgive. This doesn’t mean you dwell in abuse however. Learn to walk away from an abusive environment or relationship. Being forgiving isn’t a reason to dwell in hurt—give yourself time. Friend, I truly cannot generalise this as there are different forms of abusive relationships which require forgiveness for your peace and detachment but not all.

Forgiveness is for you and those you may hurt for your inability to forgive. Choose to forgive because your new relationships are dependent on how forgiving you are with the old ones. This is not a letter to coerce you to forgive but to give you a path to peace and living purposefully.

Your heart may skip a beat when you think of the hurt, don’t beat yourself, forgiveness is a step to peace, it doesn’t take away the hurt but it leads you away from the hurt. So do the right thing for yourself.

Till we meet again, be at peace with yourself. Be empowered with the freedom of your heart. For personal questions and suggestions, please send us a mail at hisrulepublications@gmail.com.
Keep having a great day!
Yours truly,


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