Dear friend,

It’s another great week and I’ve been honestly searching for what to share with you this week. The idea bulb came up on friendship, so I thought to share hoping that you would tell me what you think of it too.

In the course of this I thought of the story of Demi and Jesse. Demi and Jesse were very close friends, they were both 5 years and attended the same school. They were also intelligent so their friendship was a plus to them. Their mothers had no choice but to get closer for their sake but then a local spelling bee competition took place in their town and both boys qualified to go. It however got past the boys and became a competition for their parents because the prize was a full scholarship. The competition didn’t hinder their friendship rather they got closer studying. Their mothers got talking and one of them claimed that her son would win and that started the fight.

At the end of the competition Jesse came 1st and Demi came 3rd. Demi was so happy, he left his mother’s arms to congratulate Jesse. He childishly said that he’d be giving Jesse half the carton of juice he got and half the biscuits. Then Jesse cried because there was nothing to share. He didn’t know why they’d give him a gift he couldn’t share so he started crying.

One of the sponsors walked up to him and on getting to know the story was greatly moved. The friendship between the two children proved stronger than any competition. He granted them both scholarships.

Some stories may not go this way but the point is a friend is there for you not just when things go wrong but when things are good. Friendship houses true love else don’t even call it friendship. A friend is someone who can celebrate with you without wanting anything in return, he/she is also someone who wouldn’t run away from you in bad times.

More so good friends are not separated because of the selfish desires of people around them. In fact people should get scared badmouthing your friend in your presence not because you’d report the incident but because badmouthing him/her is same as badmouthing you.

The biggest challenge in friendship is competition. We don’t want anyone to get better than us so we’d rather walk alone. However, the truth is someone would always be better than you in one or more aspects. We were made to complement each other not compete.

Another hard fact is finding a good friend. Be good and let love flow from you, soon enough you’ll find someone good, don’t give up on friendship because a friend has disappointed you.

Till we meet again, dear friend, friendship has its perks as well as shortcomings. Don’t expect it to be rosy all the time, you’d fight, you’d argue but at the end of it, let love rule.

What’s your take on friendship? I’d be expecting your comments. Have an awesome week!

Yours truly,


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