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Dear friend,


I do hope you are hale and hearty, and I sincerely hope you enjoyed your weekend. This letter is to my friend who has felt betrayed by love ones and feels it hard to forgive, love and trust again.


The holy book states that: Perfect love casts out fear. It comes to me in a simpler form, if you doubt the love you feel towards someone, it’s imperfect. If you cannot trust the person you love anymore, it is imperfect.


Ada grew up in a little town but though little, it had the basic amenities every town seemed to need. So Ada had been fortunate to go to school and she was indeed the star of her community. She was intelligent, smart, beautiful and with a good character.


One of Ada’s pillars in life was her mother’s junior brother. He had helped carry her on the back when her mum was at the market trying to fend for her since she was a widow. He was a father figure. Fortunately, he won a visa to the United States and promised he would send for Ada once she had written her senior WAEC. He worked hard and soon enough Ada was on a plane to California.


It was great being reunited with her uncle. He on the other hand couldn’t believe how big she had become. And then, 2 weeks to her resumption he gave her two options: her admission or herself. He wished to defile her.


It was a thin line between faith and fear. Looking at the uncle that has the same eyes like you do that he could even be mistaken for your father. The love was imperfect.


This letter is not to tell you to trust again so easily and put yourself in danger. It is definitely to tell you to forgive those who broke that trust. More so, it is to tell you that man is going to fail you terribly because we are human beings, it is impossible for us not to falter even when we do not know it. The perfect love you can ever have is in God so you can be caught when man fails because God will never fail you.


Many relationships we find ourselves in are quite imperfect or more preferably walking towards perfection. But if we give up on one relationship, we shouldn’t give up on all. No matter how bad a person might have treated you, you’d find someone who would treat you right.


Friend, it’s hard to keep yourself from responding to a hurt. It’s like having a firsthand experience with fire as a child, you get scared but it doesn’t mean your next meal won’t come from fire. You can love sincerely again. Not everyone is going to betray you. Sometimes we pass through the fire of betrayal, difficult relationships, hurt and abuse to reach beautiful destinations.


Till we meet again, give yourself another chance at loving again, forgive those who have hurt you. Be sure of laying a 100% trust in God to lead you to the right destination in love. Please drop a comment below friend. Have a great week!

Yours truly,



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