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HRP LETTER SERIES: Letter to my friend on the right rebellion

Dear friend,

It is an exciting feat to write to you today. I do hope the past week was awesome for you, welcome to a new one. My letter to you today is indeed controversial but specifically needed in this time as many have to adjust but are afraid to.

Rebellion is synonymous in the mind’s eye to violence as seen in the news, it is vandalism, or simply an outrage against a known system. That’s basically a definition partly from the dictionary and more from experience. However, rebellion is done with a major goal, to change a system which is deemed unfavorable, the actions towards that goal is then the problem, to which rebellion is seen as evil.

Friend, the rebellion I write to you about is that which causes a revolution; a change. Often people looking from outside the circle of this call it a rebellion but when it is achieved, it is a new era called a revolution.

Over time, we have lived in a certain way, carried out the terms and actions we’ve seen others do as we grew up, that we often lose our bearing. This is what calls for a change. Your purpose is often bigger than you and the conditions may never be favourable, times like that call for the right kind of rebellion.

Being forced into a life you do not want and a life which isn’t purposeful is a good reason to rebel. Deciding against the cultural strongholds to train a new generation better and set up better systems is a good reason to rebel.

The right rebellion however, isn’t with swords, guns or bombs, it is not a show of manpower or the ability to fight, it is for a better future especially beyond you. True rebellion seeks for a promising future why? Your purpose and vision is beyond you. There are people who need what you can offer therefore, you may have to rebel against a system, defy it or avoid it.

Friend, it’s time to say goodbye to those people whose ideas limit you from moving forward; you are not moving forward just because of yourself, the destinies and visions of a lot of people are tied to you, if you don’t move, it may be harder for them to move. Do it for your peace, do it for them.

Rebel by leaving the atmosphere of people who do not think rightly and spend their time jesting and talking about others. Never feel bad to flee their midst, trust me they won’t notice you leave.

Rebel by standing up for a vision true and promising. A lot of people will fight your methods if they havent seen what you have seen, your methods will clash, for instance your dream to be a businessman would clash with the dreams of people to see you as a Doctor. If you see it, you believe it, you can achieve it by rebelling.

Friend, be polite, speak to those who you necessarily need to convince and remember you don’t need to convince everyone. Some people are better left to see the results.

Revolutionise your thought pattern, there’s a lot to change and can be changed by holding a good conversation. Rebel rightly, change the course of the future. Till we meet again, do send us a message at hisrulepublications@gmail.com for more information or questions.

Have a great week!

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