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Dear friend,

It feels great writing to you once again. I hope my letter meets you hale and hearty. As I picked my pen to write this to you, I couldn’t help but remember the saying, “10 friends cannot remain together for 10 years”-change must happen.

Change hits us at different points in life and when it does, we have to move with the tide by changing our habits, or even our environment so we can thrive. The “clique” had great individuals- close friends, best friends, and acquaintances yet we were at the same level of thought, reasoning and status. Even if we changed, we were still in the circle; change couldn’t grow beyond our circle. The clique was homely but not challenging, so I left, friend.

We might have been an exclusive group yet survival is personal first before being corporate. I couldn’t give what I didn’t have. Sometimes we have to dare to hit the road alone even though it might be scary. I enjoyed a comfy covering while in the clique but I knew without the clique, I would be naked. I didn’t want to be helped all the time, I wanted to help-so I left.

The regular pattern we grew up with has a great tendency of wearing out along the line, we have to be swift to notice this and change. The memories of being in “the clique” cannot be taken out but it is necessary to know that your close acquaintances and environment rubs off on you. When you look deep within and cannot seem to place an intersection between where you are and when you’re going, it becomes a sign to step out. Friend, this is why I left the clique.

This might seem like a personal message go someone at an imaginary end but it is to you friend because the year is still hot and sizzling. We might be struggling to let go of some certain cliques and well, they might be quite awesome but when it’s time to grow, you have to take personal steps.

Friend, when you realize your destination, you need no one to pick you up and put you in a vehicle. Think big, live it even if it costs you a clique-purpose is bigger than you or a set of people.

Till we meet again, stay focused and determined. Do drop your comments, we’ll love to get a feedback from you.

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Yours truly,


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