Dear friend,

It’s another great week ahead of us. I do hope your weekend was awesome. I write today to you just in case you are standing alone at the peak of life and awkwardly time seems to be telling on you.

It is commonly said that time waits for no man, it’s like a moving train that doesn’t halt till it arrives at the station. When we turn, we see friends who are flying high already and we begin to wonder, when our time would come. We see friends with happy homes and we begin to wonder when the right man or woman would come. We turn and see friends who are working in big companies and we wonder if being an entrepreneur is really worth it. We wonder as age and pressure from family and friends keep telling on us. Time just seems to be running faster than us.

Firstly, friend, if you keep looking at how far you haven’t reached you forget to be grateful of how far you’ve come. Life is a ladder, the time we choose to weep, lament and think of reasons not to move on is the exact time someone else is thinking of something which would make the world celebrate, however, you risk falling off when you lose focus. A grateful heart is merry and willing to aim higher, please be grateful, it’s the beginning of greater heights for you. Have it at the back of your mind, “I know I have a long way to go but I have come this far and I can make it no matter how far the journey may be”.

Worry less about those shortcomings. What makes a race interesting is when you fall and quickly get up to run again. So get up. The more time it takes you to stand up, the more time you waste getting to the finish line.

The big problem is we keep looking at what others have done, are doing and haven’t done so it takes us time to recover from our own loss. Some days, you find yourself scrolling endlessly through pictures of what others are doing but well, you’re doing nothing, you’re just a news reader. Time is still ticking. You have 24 hours of which 6 hours goes for sleeping perhaps if not 8 hours, 8 hours at work if not more and 8 hours to yourself and then 2 out of this 8 goes for checking on people’s activities and at the end of the day we realise we have done nothing all day. No time for self development, no time for meditation, no time to take account of activities, and time doesn’t care, it just ticks away minding it’s business and you’re growing older. Mind you, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t check on loved ones. The idea is: you cannot run the course of life bothering about people without prioritising and knowing what comes first in your life.

At 18, you’ll hear a youth saying I’ve wasted time, at 20-same, at 40-same, 60 and even 80. Start early and always remember you’ll grow there and not go there. It takes time to grow. Lending these words from a friend: No one ever taught you to crawl, you woke up one day and decided, “mum’s not going to help me get the keys, dad’s not going to help me, I don’t know why but I’m going to get it for me”, so you went after it, the direction kept changing but you kept moving- you were growing. We were made with the never give up spirit,  though it seems you are late as long as the hands of the clock keep ticking, you keep pushing. Go get what you need. You’ll win at the end if you never give up in the race against time.

Till we meet again friend, it doesn’t matter how long, it’s how well you make it. Fulfil purpose even while running against time and you’ll realise at the end that even in a year, your impact could be worth a lifetime.

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Yours truly,

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