Dear friend,

With great joy, I say a happy new year to you. I am indeed happy to write to you today and I’m happy to know that you’re at the other end reading my words to you. Lots of dreams were broken in 2018 and perhaps years before. 2019 is still like a new dawn, and so, with great hopes of rebuilding those dreams, I write to you.

Friend, you cannot rebuild what isn’t broken or faulty so it’s right to accept that there’s something broken and we have to fix it. If you do not accept it, you’d be heading for a wreck (a higher version of a fault). We all have dreams either in our careers or business endeavours. We might have made terrible mistakes but when we acknowledge them, we set the pace for change.

To rebuild the dream means to identify the errors and humbly approach them. Take a review of how the past year has been, be sure to note what you were sure you didn’t do right. A good approach to this is putting them on paper. Properly record them so you can easily identify each. Then you can humbly approach them; uncover each and push for the best way to rearrange the pieces.

I might be writing to a friend who needs to humbly aproach his customers, partners or even debtors. Setting up a new strategy is humbling. You might have to shake hands once more with those you offended- a connection is always a connection even when you break it. If you can retrace your steps rightly, you might be able to mend it.

Being apologetic or sober isn’t enough however. It takes courage to face the ruins you want to put together. Commitment and honesty to both your business and team (if you have one) is also important. As you change your ideology of how things used to be, you have to be committed to how it should be. You also need to review its progress, this would help checkmate you through out the rebuilding process.

Lastly friend, you have to pay the price. Value is bought with a price. Pulling the resources together isn’t enough, you’d sweat, perhaps harder than you did when you started because you’re clearing the rubble. However, doing a few right things is enough to change it all. Make wise decisions, and don’t be afraid to plunge into the market system.

Dearest friend, it might seem like a slogan already, how I say, ‘you will make it’, I am sure so that is why I say so. Do drop your comments and subscribe to receive updates on our blogs. You will make it! Have an awesome week!

Yours truly,


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