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Dear friend, 


It has indeed been a long break away from you and I do hope you are hale, hearty and emotionally stable. It is with joy that I write this to you. It is commonplace to seek encouragement especially when the world goes quiet on you and this is why I write on the topic.


I’ll start with a little scenario: with the social media frenzy, we get to hear of the new baby, new car, engagement and much more from our phone screens, so, it wasn’t a wonder when Grace found out her old friend had just been engaged to a big shot. Without much ado she quickly messaged her, and congratulated her. But…few days later, Naomi messaged her in need of a #1000, of course it was important else she wouldn’t bother her, Grace knew very well. Grace politely explained that she didn’t have any money. Naomi couldn’t believe it and out of rage lashed out at her.


Grace at that time had just used the last cash on her (#100) in her account to subscribe. Grace didn’t know what would be for breakfast, Grace had been distraught seeking a friend to atleast ask “how are you?” not ceremonially but truthfully. Grace wasn’t fine and Naomi didn’t help with her judgmental reaction.


We’ve got lots of Graces’ out there. People in need of help, people in need of friends they can trust. These are people who smile at you everyday, they look happy but deep down they are craving for an escape route. They don’t want to hear that “all would be well”; they are working hard to keep the smile as well as the skin you see that’s not protruding bones.


The message is to these people. It would be hard to find people you can trust. It would even be harder to find people who would encourage you without you telling them that’s your drug but you need to find your support system. You need help.


You’re already discouraged and maybe wearied with everything around you but you’d still have to speak up. Don’t bother making anyone understand you, they won’t most of the time but you’ve got to try. Don’t isolate yourself. It’s time to talk. There is no perfect life. Life is life, people are born, people die, people get sick, people get divorced, people starve yet people live on, people remain, they strive to win, they never give up on themselves.


Friend, don’t give up. Learn to joke more, laugh when you can and sleep happy. There is the temptation to cry all night but you’ve got to be strong.¬†


This letter wouldn’t be complete if being overly judgmental isn’t being addressed. Friends, please let’s be kind, someone is hoping that your words would be different from what every other person has said. Life gets better when people choose to be better. In case you haven’t heard an encouraging word lately, from me to you, friend- You will make it, be strong, you will rule your world.


Till we meet again friend, be kind. Please drop a comment friend. Have a great week!

Yours truly, 



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