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Dear friend,

It feels great writing to you today. I hope your day went well and you’re prepared for the new week. Today, I write to you concerning the silent hatred of the truth.

Deep down, a majority of us aren’t truth advocates. Deep down we fight the truth when it gets to us because we often insist on how our thoughts, ways and will align properly than that of others. We silently fight off any other knowledge.

Friend, sometimes, your way isn’t going to be the best, your will isn’t going to work for everyone and often times, we do a lot of things to protect and give ourselves some kind of covering till we become unconsciously selfish. If the truth is spoken, we’d have a different reality.

The truth makes us uncomfortable but that doesn’t take the benefits from it. It is often said that, “the truth is bitter”, it is hard to say to a loved one and also hard to accept sometimes. To connect better, however, we must accept the truth.

Friend, how would you feel if you found out that your sister hates it when you shut her off in public but she can’t tell you for fear that you would aggravate the issue. How would you feel if you found out that your close friend thinks you have a bad body odor but he can’t tell you for fear that you might develop a low self esteem or cut all forms of communication. Finally, how would you feel if you found out that your younger brother doesn’t like how you stick your nose into his private conversations. If the truth be told, some of us would break all ties. However, someone is out there managing you instead of telling you the truth.

We never enjoy the full package life has to offer till we let go of the lies we live and accept the truth. Friend, I want to look into your eyes, knowing fully well that if I tell you the truth, you won’t cut corners to remain right, you won’t say to yourself, “she’s just joking”. Sarcasm has been the other option for releasing the truth: if you can’t say it straight, make a joke of it but it doesn’t work all the time. It helps when we hear the truth from our friends than strangers.

Friend, let go of your pride or head knowledge, the truth helps build character and trust. Till we meet again, be open to listen to others, we grow to perfection. For personal questions and suggestions message us at 08136621133. Do drop a comment and subscribe to receive updates on our posts.

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