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Dear friend,

It’s a new week, I’m glad you are alive and here on earth with me. I’m glad writing to you once again, I’m just broken at how people wave a good bye to their dreams and in fact their personality because of a scandal, this is why I write to you.

A scandal is an incident which damages a person’s or organisation’s reputation. Adding to this, a good company or individual can hardly live through life without scandal. The worse part is, you may not have a hand in it, the only statement you’d be able to make up is: it just happened.

So if a scandal has happened to you, well it can happen again( I’d really love to get your experiences in our comment box). As long as you do the right things and try to provide solutions, scandals are not so far away or perhaps a milder word: defamation. What do you do when it happens however?

When a woman is about to put to bed a baby, a lot of actions may take place in/with her, she may soil her pants, she may even defecate, she may possibly bite someone close by; people who see her from behind may think she’s going crazy till they see her baby bump in front. It doesn’t stop her from pushing to see her child. One thing you must do is keep your eyes on your dream even if you soil your pants, remember always that you are closer to your dream than you were yesterday- don’t end it abruptly.

Secondly, don’t give the people who tried to defame or insult you a chance to dance a victory song over you. If you refuse to get up, you’ll make them laugh better. Though a scandal is like slippery mud, get up by all means because a lot of people are counting on you to win- this population is more than those waiting for you to fail.

One good news I have is that you are alive and breathing, that’s one reason for you to know that there’s still hope for tomorrow. Your customers may avoid you like dung, and enemies may mock, do well to give it another try, do well to shake off the dust. Life has never been easy, you only take it by the reins to make it easy.

Friend, till we meet again, you may be messed right now but choose not to remain messed forever. Get up, your reputation can be gotten back. People may not forget but they’d be grateful you got back on track. Your comeback is always greater.

Please do drop your comments, I’d love to get your experiences and how you overcame, it would help someone out there. Send in your personal questions and suggestions to our mail at hisrulepublications@gmail.com. Please share this with a friend.

Yours truly,

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