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Dear friend,

It’s another awesome week starting today. A continuation of the hustle with hardly no space for rest. I’m happy writing to you as a hustler to a hustler *winks*.

Hustle in this context means putting a lot of effort into your work or dreams. It is the struggle to keep your head above water even though there are sharks around. I write in particular to encourage the hustling brother or sister about to be give up or feeling extremely weak and discouraged.

Hustling requires a lot of effort but the greatest effort is keeping your mind firm about what you want and not being ashamed or debased by what you do. Hustle is rough or perhaps a rough start of any clean dream, it is the foundation, knocking from door to door just to express your commodity. It is rough but necessary, don’t feel ashamed about it, a lot of people wish they could think like you and have the courage you have to face it.

Hustle is hard around family and friends. The majority you wish could believe in you(your family and friends) may never believe till it’s clean and clear. Remember that majority in particular do not really bring in the profit, they either propel you forwards or backwards by how you view their words. The majority you should be concerned about are those out there in need of what you have. Keep your mind focused on that majority and keep your ears down to listen to those closest to you. They might not be right all the time but they do matter, you don’t want to lose everyone when the dream is clean.

Lastly, we know the mantra, “believe in yourself even if no one does”, never forget it. Your energy might be drawn from others but there’s greater energy when you can encourage yourself, so believe in yourself. Do believe in God’s great platform which you have been given to shine. Be careful not to lose it so don’t give up too easily.

I’m counting on you friend. Till we meet again, do ensure to keep the hustle alive. Do feel free to drop your comments, I’d be expecting them. For your personal questions, send us a mail at hisrulepublications@gmail.com. Have an awesome week.

Yours truly,


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