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Dear friend,

I do hope your weekend was well. I’m glad writing to you today. I thought, and felt sure that amidst the list of goals we have, atleast one must have been gotten. In the thought of this, I felt I should write to you.

Winning is good, it is sweet and fulfilling. Having a taste of it, whether from getting into the bathroom first in a hostel or being the first to get something in your home, peer group or at work, being the first to attain a height in your career. It’s always pleasurable to win. However, there is a kind of attitude that should accompany your win.

Many at times, when we win, especially when we win big, there’s a call for celebration even if it’s just a gathering to pop a bottle of wine. In such gatherings, we find some people who give us a tight hug or a handshake and clink their glasses with ours but there are some people who walk up to us and ask tough questions. One of those questions is what I throw to you today: So what’s next?

After a win, we may decide to sit tight and perhaps not push further so this question is necessary. To a newly wedded couple, yes you just won- so what’s next, have babies? To the newly promoted guy/lady- what’s next, get comfortable with your job or find more solutions? To the entrepreneur with big investors- what’s next, celebrate because a large population are finally interested in what you have to offer or seek the larger population?

There’s simply always more to what life has to offer at a given time. If you would lend yourself some binoculars that could see into the future, the level of opportunities in front of you will push your actions to more even after just winning a goal.

Winning your first goal should be to you like plucking one ripe mango, if you cannot harvest enough, the birds will either come for it or they get over ripened and no one would be able to get it. In other words friend, push for more. Making your trophy room your permanent abode would never increase your trophies.

Furthermore, as you push further let your attempts be greater, you move from the letters of the alphabet to 2-letter words, 3-letter words etc. It is popularly said that if you keep doing the same thing the same way, you’ll get the same results. So try something different and better. Upgrade yourself. Winning doesn’t particularly make you the best, anyone can beat your best if you don’t keep training.

So friend, till we meet again, push forward every day, your best could be better, upgrade and don’t sit on your trophies- there’s more to achieve.

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Yours truly,

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