Dear friend,


I do hope you’re doing good. Trust me, when I say good, I use a longer version of the /u:/ sound because nothing would really make me happier than to know that you are indeed good. Today’s subject takes a different path. It is a letter to me but in sharing this, I hope you also write to yourself too:


Dear Me,


I know you are now a world renowned expert in your field,  I hope beau and the kids are great.


Well, today I’m hoping you open this and realise that even though you are renowned,  you started from somewhere. That life with all its splendours was once what you called “hard to live through”. I want you to remember that you once had to go hungry and lull yourself to sleep so the hours would pass by quickly before you remember you are supposed to be hungry.


I love your success and I’m proud of you. But I want you to remember all the mental notes you took of how you wouldn’t let the less privileged in your community go to bed hungry. I want you to remember that you promised to live beyond yourself and show love to people.


Remember the friends and people who walked out on you, stabbed you in the back and even openly confronted you in spite. I’m sure you remember,  I want to tell you to forgive them. I know it’s not too much to ask when I say be kind if they come to you and don’t forget to be wise around them.


I hope beau, the kids and friends do not have to write letters just to see you. I hope being successful doesn’t mean sacrificing those who stood by you as you got to the top. True friends are hard to come by, family is a gift from God-  cherish them.


And I’m sure there are times when you feel weak, heartbroken and at your wits end, keep in mind that there’s something new for every hour. Take care not to carry bad moods into new hours. Remember that you only live once, make the best of it and don’t spend your days sad than happy/joyful.


Keep being you, dear me, be humble, be contented, be happy, be lively, and most importantly impact lives.


Dear friend, till we meet again, stay cheerful and remember to give this a thought: if you were to write to your future self, what would you write? And most importantly would you be willing to live up to the expectation of being your future self starting from right now? Do drop your comments and feel free to message us at [email protected] or 09057180149 (whatsapp only). Have a great week!


Yours truly


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