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HRP LETTER SERIES: Letter to My Ignorant Friend

HRP LETTER SERIES: letter to my Ignorant Friend

Dear friend,

I do hope your weekend was fulfilling. It’s a new week, hope your Sunday was bright and sunny at your end. Today, I feel the need to write to my ignorant friend.

My letter isn’t a ploy to disdain you, my friend but to share my thoughts on Ignorance. There are quite a number of definitions for the word ignorance but today we choose to stick to a state of being unaware.

Friend, you cannot grow mentally beyond what you know, your knowledge takes you from one stage of life to another. So, people miss opportunities because they don’t know, they miss aids and easier routes because they don’t know and often because they choose not to. It is particularly worse when you know you don’t know and choose to do nothing about it.

Ignorance sadly is a friend of many because they are too busy to search, to go a step further in asking questions, some even claim it to be a result of fear of approaching people.

What we often claim to be ignorant of is mostly in front of us but for a mind full and not mindful of what is going on around us. Sometimes we are in a hurry
so we don’t listen carefully, thereafter we claim we didn’t know—ignorance—when we are caught off-guard and realise that we missed important details. There are rarely second chances in life, it in fact takes 8 good impressions to correct a first impression missed friend.

What you do now matters, knowing your why matters. Till your actions become deliberate, your future remains unsure. Choose to know, asking the right questions along the journey of life.

Friend, this is me writing to tell you to be more mindful, more available and deliberate. School your mind daily with new information.

About a year ago, I paid for something I already had. It was a piece of information, one I had searched out earlier and on the same book the information was written, I wrote that which I paid for. This is because knowing without action is a comatose operation. Ignorance is a state of being clueless. So it is important I add that as you gather knowledge, act on it so you don’t fall into a place of unawareness.

I hear this quote often, “the world is your oyster and you can be anything you want to be.” I love it, however, as you play around this oyster, you realize that pearls aren’t found easily, so be informed, know where you are heading to, that is often what determines your speed.

Till we meet again, get out of ignorance. Be mindful and make deliberate actions. Do feel free to drop a comment and send us a message at hisrulepublications@gmail.com or on whatsapp at 09057180149. Have a great day!

Yours truly,

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