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Dear friend,

It feels great writing to you today. It is quite a privilege to see the day and it is much more a privilege to know that having the breadth of life is an evidence that you are important and have a cause to fulfil.

My letter to you today is on self doubt, the pain stems out more from my experience in doubting myself and being anxious about how I would turn out. And like me a lot of people keep doubting themselves at critical stages so much that they forget what they’ve been through but the hurdle before them. It’s like the man who forgets he practised on a diagram because he saw the real system.

Friend, I’m here once again to set fire to the seat of self-doubt because you cannot continue like that. The future is coming and would soon be yesterday, it needs a bold you to face it. A “you” that believes in a bright future, in a strong champion called you.

It’s futile trying to butter your ego friend. Begin by asking yourself about the fears you’ve been experiencing, write them down too, it would help. Self doubt is equal to doubts in your maker being able to change you for the better. Stating them helps you identify them and as well tackle them.

Often, I’ve seen positive talk heal negative thoughts, get yourself together and construct a good positive statement or tagline based on your fears and keep saying them till it comes into your consciousness. Your ears are also meant for the words you say so use it to your advantage.

Furthermore, a lot of us cannot go far because of our circle of friends. When others don’t believe in you, find people or a person who does and hang on tight to the truths in the mouth of that person. Don’t keep up with negative energy, it could change your belief system.

Friend, also remember the good-ol-days. Past victories and medals are compiled because of the present. Looking at the past tells you you can do more. It is easy to forget your abilities in the face of trials, train your mind to never forget your identity and your potentials. Friend I believe you will succeed.

Lastly till we meet again friend, believe in your maker. The package God has for you cannot be opened if you don’t believe it’s worth it. It’s not a new thing for children to throw toys in place of the carton. Let’s grow to the place of belief in ourselves, our potentials and our future, and act daily on it. Please do subscribe for more updates from us and drop a comment, I’ll be waiting to hear from you. Got a question? Send us a message on whatsapp or an SMS to 08136621133. Have an awesome week!

Yours truly,


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