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Dear friend,

With great joy do I write to you this new week. I’m hoping your weekend was splendid and your week would be awesome. I write to my shy friend today.

The reason is simple yet demanding. Lola is a good cook and even the toughest chef would agree but amidst people, Lola can hardly express herself talk less of saying what she can do; and that’s just an example of one shy friend out there. The problem isn’t “what can you do?”, it is “tell me what you can do”.

Being shy and timid is having a beautiful pearl hidden away in a sea shell and thrown into the sea. It is never a good thing. There’s a great difference in being well-mannered or cultured and being shy or fearful. In fact being well-mannered involves trusting yourself and your actions that you won’t shame yourself even if you spill a drink while trying to extend a handshake.

Being shy keeps you away from the crowd you need to approach. It keeps you from the test of believing in yourself. There’s no greater challenge than you expressing yourself, it makes you mindful of your actions, so you don’t ruin the reputation you have created. Shyness keeps away the opportunities you need and gives you less belief in yourself.

So, friend, begin by believing in yourself. Imagine the world waiting for you to touch them with your talent in fashion, in cooking, in business, in counselling, in various fields if only you’ll step out of your shell. There’s so much in you but until you challenge the fear that keeps you locked up, you’d never know.

One little secret I wish to keep with you is this: some people who know you are shy are still intimidated by your personality and are ready to keep you being in the shell. Take a step out like the little bird learning to fly, even if you fall, know for sure that you’ll still fly.

Till we meet again next week, be strong and courageous friend. Do feel free to drop your comments. For your personal questions, you can send us an email at hisrulepublications@gmail.com. Have an awesome week.

Yours truly,

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