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Dear friend,

It feels awkward writing to someone who is sleeping, I guess this is simply a wake up call. With joy and an inner aggression, I write to you today.

To simplify the issue on ground, my sleeping friend is the one waiting for something magical or miraculous to happen without making a move. He/she is my friend afraid of what people will say, so he/she cowers down with a thumb in the mouth and cries himself/herself to sleep. My sleeping friend has got lots of excuses…sigh.

Friend, I’m hoping this is not you, like I said earlier, it is a wake up call to get you to to stand up to reality. Reality is your comfort zone leaving you, it is the truth coming in the nearest future to tell you you wasted time. Surely it is a harsh reality but it is only inevitable if you don’t wake up. Come to reality before it comes to you.

I have seen how hard it is to walk up to someone and tell them what you have to offer, I mean the lion-someone that keeps you in bed. So I learnt to stutter before speaking, to wobble before walking, to say please before stretching forth my hand to help myself.

Life is indeed a process. Most of us are scared of the process so we often want to jump steps because no one asks us how we get there but when we get there. I’m interested in the How?Friend. How do you achieve the dreams that burn daily in your heart and how do you become successful? Those are the questions.

Get off your couch friend, wake up to what your reality could be and the power in your hands to make it whatever you want it to be. You are favored already, you ascertain it by working to bring out results today. Face the lions in your closet, walk up to your prospective clients and compete with yourself daily.

Friend, it feels good to let this off my chest knowing this patient path to success has more on its trail. Till we meet again friend, we can be spiritual about our achievements but we must be religious and consistent about Success, follow the routines of success like it’s a religion.

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Yours truly,

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