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Dear friend,


It’s another great week and it is with great pleasure that I write to you. As we move into this new week, with so many ambitions, goals and achievements on our minds it is also wise to know that as much as people pressure us, we also pressure ourselves.


There’s hardly a man not dealing with anxiety, he/she is either bothered about what to eat, what to wear, which friend to visit, which course to read, which job to do, which skill to learn, who to marry, how to provide for his parents, how to feed? etc. There are so many questions on our minds, and we can never answer all at a time no matter how we try. This is why I write to you.


Knowing that we have these unanswered questions which we cannot effectively answer why do we act so hard on ourselves, why do we torture ourselves?


Life is a book on which we effectively remember the present, vaguely remember the past and hopefully hold unto the future, why? We need to just hope for the best even when the present looks discouraging. We are at a point where we are in fact scared of a time when people would ask us those questions we cannot answer so we quickly want to attempt them so we don’t look like failures. Well, it’s never good to be a failure nevertheless not everything is under our control and life is one of those things this is why we have to endure in hope. Endure because hope may seem painful and helpless yet necessary for a bright future.


Family may be pressurising you right now but please don’t pressure yourself you would only end up sick and wasteful. Your mind is a great resource and putting it to thinking of how to handle what cannot be handled is a great waste; using money for investment to deal with unnecessary things just to please people will get you nowhere. Even when wrappers hang loose on a drying line, take note to keep yours on your waist- have a grip on yourself even when pressure is around you friend.


People might have gone farther than you, people really close, that their success smells like your favourite food which is so hard for you to get, yet you must keep your senses and manners straight and tight. Get stronger and rugged in staying focused.


In all things, however, it is necessary to iterate that God is the overall author of the book on which page you stand. He determines your end so be calm, do your best and be strong, in the end you will reap great benefits not by your own making anyway. We all are on a race track yet it doesn’t matter who gets where first, our destinations are different, our finishing ropes are different.


Till we meet again friend, be calm and keep being strong, I’d need your help too some day. Do help someone by sharing this.  Feel free to drop your comments and suggestions. You can send your personal questions to hisrulepublications@gmail.com. Have a great week!

Yours truly,



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