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Dear friend,

Have you ever walked up to someone and stretched out a hand of friendship? It is often the beginning of a journey to know more about the person. It is seeking permission into his/her life. This is aside those who meet as acquaintances perhaps in an environment common to them and then grow to friendship. This is probably the most common way of making friends, by shared interests.

We have walked into a new week filled with surprises and I’m glad you’re reading this. Often, when we meet people, we know nothing about their background, their fears, cultures and life principles. So this brought up the topic: letter to you about me.

We might need to introduce ourselves to our friends once more because so many actions have been misconstrued based on our different perspectives. For instance, Kola doesn’t appreciate you putting sugar in your beans, he feels it’s awkward, you feel it’s cool. Another instance is the culture differences and upbringing, how we greet, how we cook, and how we live life generally.

People are often misjudged based on the Judge’s “accurate” view, this obviously means that you only judge by how you see it not necessarily from the offender’s point of view. Our experiences and thoughts inform our views and decisions in other words, they are not necessarily true.

Because of the glitch of experiences (the good, bad and ugly), we may need to correct how we see and speak to our friends. Not every John will offend you so it’s never wise to take out your hurt on them. Understand your friends, and your friendship.

By our experiences we have attached body movements, posture and names to how people will treat us. This cannot be overlooked in some situations, however if we begin a new relationship with people, we should learn to treat it as such. Give people a chance by knowing them. Don’t draw the curtains at the first chance you get.

Don’t judge for your new friends and don’t judge them. You can learn to adjust and advise them, but don’t lower your values.

Till we meet again friend, get to know your friends better. Do drop a comment and subscribe to receive our daily posts. Have a great week!

Yours truly,


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