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Dear friend,

It’s a new day with opportunities, particularly a Monday and I know most people do not like Mondays after the short weekend but here we are and reality beckons. I hope your weekend was amazing however. Today, I’m writing to you on learning to admit you are wrong.

The statement, “you are wrong” shakes people. We normally don’t like to hear it, it threatens our ego and personality, that’s why. It however doesn’t stop anyone from telling us, even our kids.

So friend, how do we manage this dilemma. It is easy for some people to receive information like this. They are unusually given to accepting when they are wrong, with ease they admit but it isn’t so for some. They know they are wrong but firstly they judge the giver of this information and when that’s done, they avoid the facts and paint up a reality they insist exists. It almost feels like they are sure they are not wrong and you are obviously the culprit.

I’ll share this incident with you: last week, I was seeing the movie, “Batman Begins” by DC comics with my younger brother. My younger brother felt the movie wasn’t going the way he expected, so I started giving insights, all the way talking about Iron Man like he was Bat man. I was so convinced Iron Man was Batman. They both come from wealthy and “techy” backgrounds, so my mind seemed to interchange them. I went on to argue that Robert Downey Jr. wasn’t signed up on the first Batman movie. I kept mentioning Stark industries and this young boy kept saying “No, Marvel and DC comics are different companies”. And then he said, you are just talking about Iron Man. It was tough on me to accept I was wrong all along. I told him I was sorry, yes he rode on the rainbow for being right but I did that because I knew it was also important for him to realise that adults aren’t always right and saying sorry isn’t a weakness but being human.

It’s always hard to admit a fault, it’s in fact easier to sometimes forgive than to say you’re wrong. In fact it sometimes takes an apology to initiate forgiveness. Some people let go before hand but you really don’t tell someone you have forgiven them when they never admitted a fault.

Friend, you learn to admit your fault by accepting your wrong especially when facts point to it. Your friendships and relationships hang on to this. Sweeping the issue under the carpet to retain your ego doesn’t help. Not everyone is trying to crush your ego, even if they try to like my rainbow riding brother, it is your ego, you have the capacity over it. It is a sign of strength and courage to face your wrongs squarely and say yes, I did that or I said that or I was wrong.

No one is above mistakes, we live each day to perfect the next. Admitting you are wrong is the first step to learning something new. The information you refuse to receive is lost to you.

Be strong, admit you are wrong when you are. Till we meet again friend, mend the ties in your relationships, be at peace with yourself by admitting your wrongs where necessary.

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Yours truly,

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