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Dear friend,
I hope you had a great week. As you step into this new week, there’s the inner desire to share with you on the concept of building.

Building, the verb, is the act of putting something together, it is a process of constructing something and the one thing to note is that it’s a process and so it takes time.

Building is one of the deliberate acts you put yourself through. You don’t wake up and just get a brick or a shovel and start building a house likewise you also do not accidentally build yourself.

A good picture is an episode of Spongebob Squarepants in which Patrick is made to read, his brain becomes well built to the extent his head becomes too big to pass through the door, Patrick doesn’t think of breaking the door but shrinking the knowledge by going back to his old ways. This maybe highly entertaining and not informing but it paints the picture of the accidental builder.

It’s easy to be accidental about building your life by building because of the friend you see having what you desire, it is easy to build accidentally by changing your principles to suit the situation. Accidental buildings do not last because there was no plan. The roots of a tree eventually show up at its maturity or when it begins to bear fruit. Building accidentally by someone else’s definition and identity, wrong principles and mindset may bring you the temporary desire you want, but it takes more to keep you at the peak.

Someone who is deliberate is very intentional. Friend, he builds value, he builds his background relationship and most importantly the view of himself. Many fall to low self-esteem even when they are really close to the top because of a dented self orientation. So it’s important to build yourself mind-wise.

You cannot be broken easily if you build yourself friend, it is sad to see the results crumble because of a neglected root. When you build deliberately, you protect it, you know the cost of what you carry- you don’t devalue, diminish or reduce yourself.

Friend, as you go into this week, be intentional, nothing happens by accident.

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Yours truly,

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