Dear friend,

I hope you had a great weekend. As we buckle up for a new week, I am more than eager to share the subject matter with you. I’m writing to place a check on you because there is so much that could be done better when purpose is in place.

It might seem unfair or harsh to say I have a friend who is out there without a purpose but the truth remains that we all come to the point where we ask why we are living. There are lots of people who do not know their purpose of living and they just don’t seem to understand how it aligns to life and how it changes anything.

Purpose in itself is not a verb but a noun. Purpose is an end not an action. In other words there are many routes to reach that end. So one could be acting or using a talent without being committed to fulfilling a purpose.

I write to my friend seeking an end to what life entails; a reason to live and hang on no matter the situation. Purpose may be fulfilled through different routes, for instance, you might have a purpose to make people happier than they met you (you don’t need to be a comedian), to cater for the sick (you don’t need to be in the medical line). Some of us may follow the route of art, cooking skills, research, financial knowledge, ability to grasp new languages, ability to teach etc.

For every purpose there is a talent involved. When you locate your talent, putting it into action creates a route to fulfilling purpose.

So friend, purpose is a destination, talent is your car, your willingness to put talent to action is your route to fulfilling purpose. Being without purpose could mean not locating your talent or acting on it.

Being without purpose is saying, I can paint but let me just stare at my brushes; I am blessed to give financial advice in fact I look at businesses and create a solution for them almost immediately but sorry who’s going to listen to me? Will I get paid?

Being without purpose is being talented but failing to realise how what you have can solve another’s problem. Being without purpose is refusing to act.

We are all talented and when we realise how many lives could be changed by the decisions we make or choose not to make, we start the engine towards purpose. The zeal to fulfil purpose changes how we view those in need of what we can offer, it stirs up a hunger to be a solution provider no matter how you feel emotionally. Driving towards purpose is the best place to be you and comfortable as you.

Friend, I have a task for you; firstly: what can you do? Secondly: whose problem are you out to solve? Thirdly: Start now! Purpose keeps you on track. When you realise the problem you are meant to solve, you breathe your last solving it.

Till we meet again, a problem could be simply who gets up to dust the chairs at a meeting place. Your eyes are always opened to problems- if you can solve it, what are you waiting for? Please send in your comments and suggestions. For personal questions send a whatsapp message to 09057180149. Have a great week!

Yours truly,


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