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In the beginning I am
Before eternity I was
In the realm of Abstract Solitariness I Am
Before eternity was yet born
I Am YHWH’s delight
I Am the Thoughtful Mind,
That formed eternity.
I Am the Crafty Hands
That made heavens and the things in it
I created the sons of the morning
I taught them their first song
And I watched while they sang it
I am the Visionary
Who said Light be
Who made the constellations
And I Am He, who set time in motion


I Am the Creative Utterance,
I spoke all things into being.
I Am the Powerful Word, everything is held by Me.
I Am the Skillful Hands that gave everything its form
My crafty hands made Eden
And therein I placed Adam
He was the delight of My heart,
The crown of all My creations.
I gave him the earth to rule

It was I who took on flesh
Left my Glory and come
On a mission to invade the earth
Not with war, but with love.

I gave My first cry in a manger
Wrapped in a shawl
Smelling of horse dung
But my destiny wasn’t hidden
For My Star led three magi in

It was I who walked Galilee’s shore,
Walked calmly on the roaring storm,|
It was I who fed thousands with bread
The way I once did in the wilderness.

I was the One crucified on the tree,
The sins of the world laid upon me.|
I was the One who went to the deepest hell,
But ascended victoriously for I can’t be held.
I Am He who vanquished death,
And rendered hell utterly powerless.

I Am the Lion and the Lamb
The Temple of New Jerusalem
The Light of the Glorious City
The bride which I bought for myself,
Not with rubies but my precious blood.
I was the Word, I Am God
I Was, I Am and I Am to come,

By Gbalajobi Adejuwon

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