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I envy the way you walk

But it’s not my style

I envy the way you talk; how your lips moves

But it’s not my words

I envy your skin color; so smooth

But it’s not my flesh

I envy your eye color, your stare; sexy

But it’s not not my sight


I envy everything about you

From your hair string to you toe nails

I wish to walk in your skin for just a day

To hear, what you hear

See what you stare at

To get all your compliments

Just a day

But no, it wouldn’t be right

That isn’t me


Do you even envy me too?

A princess wishing to walk like a queen

Not knowing the Queen wants the heart desire of a princess

Do you want to feel the rough edges of my imperfections

While I die wanting to ride on your slate of perfection

Do you want to feel my real pain?

As I grow hoping to know your beautiful pain

Do you want to wallow everyday in my life confusions and get lost in my maze of insecurity

Do you?

No you don’t

This is the answer I got when I realized if I loved myself I would be more than whatever I envied

I Love Me


By Lydia Amuwoko

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