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For the first time in weeks now since this lockdown started, I confidently sat in front of the 62 inch ash coloured Smart TV that was suspended on the wall sectioned with wallpapers. I just discovered that we didn’t have standing speakers around the sitting room only to hear a “boom-boom” sound from the PVC ceiling where the speakers were planted, when I played a song. I always knew the sound came from somewhere, I only didn’t pay attention to it because I am not the type of person who watches TV a lot. In fact, the ice breaker is, I have never watched a Netflix movie or any of the latest movies in the past like Avengers Infinity War and Endgame, Money Heist, Game of Thrones, and so on. I personally feel they are boring which is why I’d often spend my time doing other things I will not mention.

As it is my culture, I always have light snacks like a gallon of Chivita with a bucket of chicken, while I’m set to watch a documentary YouTube video, today was no different but while I sat tight to begin, an ad popped up. The Advert got me thinking. And of course, it got me writing. Have you thought about how to make a global impact or have you thought of how you can get your new music, product, idea, and even let your voice be heard? Saying it in our Nigerian slang,” me sef wan blow o”. If you have, then this is for you.

Firstly for you to blow or make it in life you have to work extra hard and stay focused irrespective of the critics and challenges you encounter. Secondly, you might say I am working very hard but I NEED A PLATFORM!!! A global platform for my voice to be heard. The good news is that this platform you are seeking for is in your hand right now, I am sure you are wondering what it is, it is your PHONE! You obviously will have at least one or multiple social media accounts but the sad thing is that you just spend time watching others blow and you envy them when you can equally do something better than them or proffer solutions to world problems. All you need to do is to get your works out there through your social media accounts. Design it, make it look creatively attractive and appealing to your audience.

For a start, you might not have the turn-ups you desire but consistency is key. Market yourself as well as your brand through the various social media platforms, and over time the connections and collaborations you desire to make with celebrities, as well as other people in higher places, will click because they will see your works and what you can offer. Don’t just buy a data subscription and burn it on irrelevant videos and things. Research, read up, expose yourself to good things in your desired field, focus on personal development. Feel free to send any celebrity emails or messages and one day, you don’t know which one will read them, call you, and schedule an appointment with you. It starts with realizing the resources you have and discovering your potential. In the process of doing that, don’t forget to stay Safe, Simple, and Live Smart.

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