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They used to believe in me until they saw my flaws,
Then they stopped!
“How can he be the chosen one with so many flaws?”
They said emphatically “No! He can’t be the chosen one”
They claimed, “No” is the anointed word,
How wrong they were.

Flawlessness isn’t perfection
The perfectionist celebrates legalistic flawlessness, even at the expense of the true meaning of perfection
The problem with such is that they Blow it big

The chosen ones do not try to fit in because most of the time they don’t,
They are not afraid of their flaws.
They acknowledge and accept their flaws as part of them.
Not as a sign of defeat nor acceptance of fate.
But they accept their flaws with a sign of optimism,
Understanding that acceptance is the first step to being free
They look their flaws in the eye and say to her,
“I’m not Afraid.”
My name is Ajewole Femi and I’m the Quester.

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