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Inspiring people should be every writer’s desire. It means wanting people to take a queue from what you believe. In a nutshell, seducing people through your write ups.

Firstly, writing is a process of representing your ideas, experiences and thoughts in a readable form. Whenever you publish that idea in a readable form, you expect readers and mostly, you want someone to quote back as a point of belief. To actually reach this some points ought to be noted:

• Why do you write?
As stated earlier, people write majorly to reach someone out there; to basically pass a message across. The idea however, may have developed as a result of hurt felt, anger that needs a form of expression and words that really cannot be expressed through speech. Taking the emotions and not being able to express it properly may prove ugly. Do not write because you want to face all your enemies in the open, it is wrong. People may never remember that.

To inspire people, you must never write as a wounded lion. It is believed your wound is getting healed in fact in the process of sharing an experience. The fact is as much as writing is a source of relief to you, it is relief and a source of knowledge to your reader, that is inspiration. A truly inspired person can inspire others. He needs knowledge and not pain to do that.

• How do you relate what you write?
People read the emotions behind every writeup. They know when you are speaking or shouting at them. They also know when you are defending your views. In most cases an inspirational writeup does not argue, when you relate your ideas in a judgmental form, you lose your readers.

Be sure to realise that your readers can judge for themselves so for instance when you say: “Robert was a thief, he had murdered twenty (20) men in cold blood over the years”, your readers want to know how Robert became a thief or how he ends up. But if you go on and explain how wicked he is and even clearly show disdain for him, it means you have focused on judging him than telling the story.

Inspiring people through your writing involves telling and not judging.

• Are you inspired?
You cannot inspire anyone if you are not inspired. Determine your source of inspiration and make sure it isn’t based on a hurt. Inspiration brings about change. It means before you pick up your pen and paper, you have defeated the hurt.

A writer needs to lay his/her focus on the readers. You need to identify with their life/cultures and needs to inspire them. You cannot inspire an audience you do not have a good knowledge about else you’ll sound bias. Inspiring people may come from different sources: Your story, stories of people they can identify with. To inspire you must learn to reach their hearts more than condemning them

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