Singing in the play ground with my friends
A sweet smell danced its way to my nose
What’s that I asked?
“Iya alakara is here”, they chorused

I found myself at iya alakara’s spot
Give me akara for 50k
She smiled like a goddess
As she put the akara in my hands

Where’s my money? She asked
I acted deaf and dumb
I ran with my legs in the sky
To escape the disgrace from iya alakara

I woke up to a noise in the compound
What happened? I asked
Iya alakara is dead
What??? I exclaimed

Her akara still smells in my nose
The taste still fresh in my mouth
How do I pay her now.
Iya alakara is gone

Every night she echoes my name
With terror in her voice
I sealed my ears with my pillow
It was iya alakara’s ghost

On the streets she follows me
Tip toeing like a local thief
I couldn’t help but notice that
It was iya alakara’s ghost

My windows shut with force
My curtains dancing like a sinking boat
Ah!! Not again I sighed
It was iya alakara’s ghost

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