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A Dice has different faces and different numbers on each face so is life with different faces, stories, and beliefs.

…Millions of papers to go through on my desk at work, I have to organize the estate seminars, my children’s school fees are increasing, the house rent is due and then, my wife, she is always nagging me. I have no money, and I can’t pay the bills!!!

My husband comes home late and drunk. He shouts and beats me up every time I confront him for his late nights, flirts around with Lagos girls, never shows me love as a woman and disregards the fact that I am his wife. I want a divorce irrespective of our children!

My parents are always too busy for me, they have never showed me love nor given me attention. They always give me money and buy expensive things as a pacifier whenever I want to talk to them. They never care about my academics, the emotional traumas and bullies I face in school. I think I will seek an alternative.

Ah!! What have I done to myself? This one that papa and mama are always fighting because of no money, no work, and food. How will I tell them I am pregnant? And…I don’t know the father of the baby.

Your present circumstances could be very bad, worse, or even the worst and perhaps it’s driving you really crazy, and you are thinking of seeking an alternative or trying to do something dangerous to yourself.
Hold on, take a chill and just believe everything will be fine.

But wait, what do you believe in?
Whom do you believe in? And
Why do you even believe?
Remember to stay simple and live smart.

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