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Knowing your choice of words


One of the easiest things to disperse is words. It is quite a great commodity; you are either buying into the words of another or selling words out. Words are sweet and as it flows like honey, the bees making them stand around to sting.


Your words can sting you when you use them wrongly or significantly can’t stand by them. We are cajoled to speak briskly to friends and family and the more you are engaged, you get drunk on them. I write specifically on the words we get drunk on.


It’s easy to fall prey to words so before you make an error you cannot put together, think clearly before you speak, how? Give yourself time to ruminate over the words you want to say- multitask by listening during this period. When you ruminate on your words you choose what you would say and what you won’t or shouldn’t and in a place of a quick response, take a quick break too. When you can make the little decision of either eating rice or scrambled eggs sincerely by thinking through, you learn to either say I’m going with you or I’m not why? Because I’m simply not comfortable with the decision to go with you. You learn to say No with much confidence.


No one should be able to fix words into your mouth if you learn to effectively control your emotions and align them with the words you say. Words revolve around emotions like love, anger, hate, happiness, sadness, pity etc. If you don’t know what you stand for, you’d fail at putting your words correctly because of emotions.


In other words, choose your words don’t let your emotions choose your words. There‚Äôs the cheerful you saying, ‘Are you sure everything is ok?’ And the angry you saying, ‘Are you sure you are not abnormal?!’ Tread carefully when emotions are in the way. Not even for the love you have towards a person should you decide not to speak rightly.



Our words heal and they also harm. An angry person can break another person’s moral standing, esteem and even stir up the person to the same mood too. However, a simple good morning from the heart can make a dying person realise that he/she exists. Choose your words rightly. You can pack the pieces of a broken bottle after a fight but not the words exchanged.

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