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It’s the echo in a house of pressure
It’s the river
In the desert of worries
When it comes from the heart

It breaks through the very problems
We seem not to understand
It is like the smell of roses
In the biggest dump site

It is rainfall after so many years of draught
It is beautiful
When the tears dry up
And the eyes are wrinkled sore

Laughter wouldn’t mind to crack the lips once more
One day I’d laugh
That laughter that would flood ears
That laughter that wouldn’t be held back

Because of momentarily pressures
Though I wish it could be now
But I cannot deceive myself
I mean that laughter

The one you feel to the depths of your stomach
The one that causes you to cry
Because the past becomes a dream

A dream gone with the night
I may make do with a smile now
But one day I’d laugh
So much my very soul would know

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