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One beautiful quote by John C Maxwell is “Most people don’t lead their life; they accept their life”, the more beautiful part is how related it is to this subject matter. Growing up in some kinds of environments, exposed to different vices and being subjected to wrong authority, it is hard to accept the fact that we can make our choices.

I guess the best words for the situation is we cannot choose the kind of circumstances and intentional or unitentional preparations we receive at birth and subsequent growth but we can determine how we respond. This is because by nature, conscience speaks- our environment may try to shut it up, the authority around us likewise but will-power is stronger; if it doesn’t wake up now, it would tomorrow.

We can choose the future even if the past was manipulated. An old friend would say, “parents(guardians and background-emphasis mine) are channels to how you came here, not determinants of your purpose or future”. So if we start at the awakening of will-power, would you still accept your life or lead it?

When we finally come to the point in life where we can choose, it becomes a true struggle to stay put or brave our way into leading our lives, that is, taking it back from the norms and wrong principles laid behind. It is hard. Change is hard. Climbing the ladder to success is also hard yet you’d have to start from somewhere.

You’d be challenged for breaking free, you’d feel alone to say and do what no one has ever done but it would be a life changing decision not mere words or actions when you do. Our generation is waiting because even the minority is few.

Don’t accept the wrong lifestyle, don’t join them because you cannot beat them right now. Yes, right now. The truth is, the wrong has been swallowed by the majority but when a man stands high enough even the majority can not pull him down, especially the majority that refused to make the efforts he made. So the fight is not for today, now is the time to train and to gird up. The decisions you make when you can recognise will power is what changes your future.

One of the essence of leadership is to change things for the better, and most times it starts with a hunger. Don’t accept how you came, leading your life would mean envisioning what life should have been for you and pulling yourself towards it. You would break cultural norms but when you do the right thing, the right results would come your way. Challenge yourself friend, great men make lonely but brave decisions- You are great!

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