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Dear friend,

I really cannot take back yesterday but I do have today. Today, the day which you read this letter is the best time to say it’s wonderful having you read this. As much as I feel happy writing to you, it hurts to know that most times we are filled with regrets; we simply wished we had known the outcome beforehand perhaps it would have turned out better. And yes, “perhaps”.

I like to feel deeply how much life is a journey. A journey with many travelers, you never know who you meet. So, recently imagine you met the son of a minister coincidentally, you didn’t know who he was. He is sitting on a bench when you pick up your phone and just call a debtor who is owing you a huge sum and the next thing you say all sort of nasty things to this debtor. He keeps still though shocked at first, you can tell he is watching you. With the manner at which you are speaking, two guards come upfront and say, “sir, for security reasons, you have to leave now”.

Then, you think outloud, who does he think he is- an old lady walks by at that time and says he is the son of a popular minister, owner of ABC mall etc. What happens? You become mortified, full of regrets? You blame the debtor?

Obviously, unforeseen instances bring about regrets, (you didn’t know it would happen that way). The fact however, is having the right attitude before you have regrets and even when you do feel like you took a wrong step. It might have turned worse with any other alternative at that time.

Regrets are really sharp pointed edges to the mind and man’s potential. When a man wallows in regret, he soon considers himself a failure and he would prefer not to make attempts any longer. He would in fact hate the attempt he ever made even if it was for the right reasons.

Keeping the right attitude helps you not to have regrets, when things look like they are going wrong, you can easily see the bright side. The right attitude also helps to avoid ugly situations. You can always air your clothes with confidence when you know it’s sunny but just think if you took a short drive and then the weather takes a U-turn?would you blame yourself or the weather? Keeping the right attitude is to always remember the motives behind your actions; with that, I must add that you need the right motives.

Learn to keep your cool no matter the situation; friend. It is never a time to throw tantrums or regrets. Good or bad, you are better than what you have done. Let the past go and accept/appreciate your present.

Till we meet again, dear friend keep firm and don’t accept regrets.  For your suggestions and questions mail us at hisrulepublications@gmail.com. please do drop your comments, I would be expecting them.

Yours truly,

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