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It  is  an  undeniable  fact  that  the  world  is  sliding  into  thick  darkness,  days  of uncertainty and confusion, and science has not been able to provide solutions to the real problems which we face as humans.

Science has not been able to provide solution to death, hatred, and most especially Sin. The solution to these problems has been made available to man; it is a Life that is in God. For man to receive this Life, he must decide to live beyond his five senses and live by Faith, which is believing that God is.

God didn’t make us to be complex, all the extravagance of men is an attempt to cover up his nakedness. We see the need to impress to prove a point that we are worth something. However, the Holy Scriptures has described men to be as a grass of the field which withers away. The folly of the first man causes us to lose direction of life. Life was meant to be from the inside out, for the essence of man is within, but the opening of eyes that happened in the garden of Delight made man to be blind to himself within, and made him to think his real self is that which he could see. His creator made him in his likeness and covers him with flesh but he has lost his self to the house which he dwells. He will spend so much to cater for that house not mindful of his real self that lives within. This tragedy not only affects that man within, it has also been the plague of nature. Man in a bid to create an environment that is pleasant to him created means of making his environment pleasing him instead of aligning himself to his environment. This in turn has given right to series of problem which men of science has given different nomenclature, from the effect of global warming caused by man’s greatest achievement; “industrialisation” :land slides, earthquake, tornadoes, tsunamis name it all, are the response of earth to the folly of man.

It is an undeniable fact that man seeks an answer to one question which is “who am I”?

Man has no sense of purpose though he senses a cry from his real self within. All these attempts of man has been to give himself a reason for living. Man creates money as a means of exchange, but man now relegated to what he now is now serves his creation; money. Man has deteriorated from being flesh to becoming grass, yet in his own pride he sees himself as god. Men that have progressed in knowledge even claims that no Creator exists. This has completely charted man off- course. Though he wakes up everyday with a deep need for satisfaction, all his accomplishments being unable to satisfy him, but what can he do, his eyes have been opened.

There is however an answer to man’s question, a solution to his problem and satisfaction for his need, but first, man must be ready to be blinded by that which blinds so that his eyes can be opened to what he really need to see.

Man must step out of his light which is no light at all into another Light which is Life.

Science will make this hard for man; his knowledge will make him question this. But until like a man called Paul who was blinded by the Light, all men comes across that same Light, man will think himself clothed though in Truth he is naked, and that deep need in him will remain.

What does it mean for man to become blind, it means he should accept that he is darkness and there is a Light that in himself cannot access, it is for man to know that he has no life but there is a source of Life which is beyond his scope. And for those men of science to know that a Creator exist, not only a Creator but a Creator which offers Salvation, for man is on the way to total destruction.

God being the Creator, man’s Creator, He has the power to bring man out of his predicament. Now this idea, though not an idea in itself but the Truth, will seems abstract to man in his current state, for there is a wide gap between man and God, there is a bridge existing between the Creator and the creation. For God’s Truth which may seem abstract to man to now become a reality which man can relate with, there has to be an interface between God and man, a mediator who can bridge this gap between God and man. For this to happen, he, the mediator must be able to relate with both God and man, must be able to feel what both party feels. This fact then gives rise to a a need both in the side of God and man and God alone being the One that has the solution to man’s problem answer it by the Incarnation. Incarnation is another Truth that men of knowledge find it hard to reckon with, it is to them an impossibility.

It won’t do men good if the Truth of Incarnation is just explained as a mere theory or fact for anything flowing out of God can only be described as Truth. Truth itself is not a something arrives at through text of hypothesis; Truth is that which is solely of God.

God has to make that which is in Him to become a man, relate with man and have a human experience, though separated from man because he is from God. This man that comes from God had to bear the wrath of man’s separation from God.

It is even so evident that apart from man’s identity problem, man has another problem which he was born into, that is intrinsically part of him and overtime become his nature, which fruit is fully manifest. This nature is what initially makes man not to be able to relate with God. This man from God is sent to deliver man from that which has overcame man and has overtime became the nature of man, this nature is Sin.

Any honest man can attest to the fact that something works in him which orders his life, such that having known that which is good and that which is bad, he even willing to do that which is good still finds himself doing bad, even when he struggles to do that which is good he still feels a sense of condemnation for he is inherently evil. The fact that he struggles to do good and spontaneously do bad proves the Truth that there is something in him which springs forth evil, that thing is Sin, the wall of perdition between him and his Creator. God’s respond to man’s problem of being evil or doing bad is not to help him to be good, no, for God’s measure of judgment is not determined by good or bad. Man’s knowledge is limited to that which is good or bad, but there is something which is outside of man’s scope, that is Life and Life is that which God offers man, not just life, but His own Life.

As with other issues, man will want to define everything according to his own knowledge, but any attempt of man to define the Life that God offers is futile for this Life is outside man’s realm. The Man from God named Jesus of Nazareth lives according to this order of Life during his time among man, He defines this Life as knowing God. And evidently living a Life that is different from man’s own life, he generated hatred; men in his days were confounded by his manner of Life. This Life is also a Law.

Jesus not only lived according to the Law of this Life of God, He also mastered it, for a law can be mastered, and having mastered the Life, He has the legal right to give this same Life for as many that will come to Him.

Coming to Jesus to receive Life means that man must accept the fact though he exists, he is not living, for the issue of Life goes beyond merely existing.

Man’s knowledge is his enemy, man has chosen not to live beyond that which his senses tell him, and this however is not man’s fault. Man is not a free moral agent; there is a force outside of man’s realm that directs his course for him. This force is a being. He is behind all the lies that man calls fact, this being has caused man to even believe there is no God. Atheists will go far in proving that God did not exist, but why argue against what doesn’t exist? This only proves the point that there is a Being which though man’s senses could not fathom His existence nonetheless exist. Deep within every man is a consciousness of his Creator, a deep cry and longing for Him. This consciousness is a vacuum put in man by God Himself; this vacuum is the source of man’s insatiable needs. God placed this vacuum in man in such a way that nothing else can fill it but Himself, God is the Satisfaction that man’s soul desires. The Celica Stoic philosopher Aratus has described man to be the offspring of God, and rightly so because man receives his breathe from God. God is the reason for his existence, man owe his very being to God.

The foe of man who is in fact a creation of God seeks to alienate man from his Creator and so far he has been successful in doing this. He seeks to alienate man from God because God makes man the crown of all his creation and he seeks to oppose God by causing enmity between man and God, this initially is the cause of man’s problem.

Ever wonder why good and evil exists? It’s because Satan and God exist and Satan is the source of the evil in man. God is separate from both good and evil, for both good and evil is corruptible. God is separate from man, God dwells in Light and Light is Understanding, man dwells in darkness which is ignorance, that’s why the more man seems to advance in his own knowledge, the more corrupt the world becomes.

We are heading to darker days than we’ve seen before, days where our knowledge and theories won’t be able to provide solutions. The answer to such days is Life, the Life that is of God. We have clearly seen from history that the preaching of the Christian God always goes before any notable development. This proves that there is a Life which is in the Gospel that is preached by the Christian and this Life is the solution to every of man’s problem. This Life has been made available to everyone through the benevolence  of  God.  We  receive  this  Life  by  believing  that  Jesus  of  Nazareth  lived,  died  and resurrected therefore conquering man’s greatest fear “death”. For us to believe this we need Faith and not reasoning, critical reasoning has been futile in solving certain phenomenon such as death so it’s time to live by Faith not Science.

This Faith that is needed to believe in Jesus and receive the Life which He gives is free, for man to receive this Faith; he has to be humble, leave behind his own knowledge, beliefs such as atheism, and go to his knees in prayer, calling to his Creator in humility for help. Man will need to let go of his reasons, for this purpose he will need not to rely on his five senses to contact God for God cannot be reached by senses. God is a Spirit.

Faith is believing in that which though is Real and True but can’t be seen or comprehended by senses. Man will need to be blind to all evidences of science and reason that there is no God and call out to his maker in his heart.

The good news is that it is not only man reaching out to God but God reaching out to man, in fact, it was God that took the first step. This is is salvation, bringing man out of his terrible state to a place of Hope. If anyone can reach out to God, he will be given the Life of God which is the only true Life and such a man has received the solution and that man begin to live, having a redefinition of his Life.

Faith that God exist is the solution to the problems of our age.


For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth on him should not perish, but have eternal life.

John 3:16

The thief (Satan) cometh not, but that he may steal, and kill, and destroy: I came that they may have life, and may have it abundantly.

John 10:10

Now faith is assurance of things hoped for, a conviction of things not seen.

Heb 11:1

And without faith it is impossible to be well-pleasing unto him; for he that cometh to God must believe that he is, and that he is a rewarder of them that seek after him. Heb 11:6

By Gbalajobi Adejuwon

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