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Hello Guys, I hope this new edition of Health Insights With Adesola Brand #HIWAB meets you well. I was going through the internet on the 15th of February and the most trending topic was Valentine, yeah that’s no surprise but it was surprising that masturbation was the cause, so I thought it was just right to write a few things about masturbation, myths and the facts.

Masturbation is a common way of exploring one’s sexual desires. Some people masturbate with machines or toys that simulate intercourse; or their bare hands. In cases of mutual masturbation, the hands are usually used. Lubricants may also be used during masturbation, especially during anal masturbation.

Despite the myths, there are advantages of masturbation except when it is done in excess (Addiction- which may be a sign of mental disorder) the disadvantages are more and can build both emotional and physical problems. However, there’s the stigma to Masturbation, and the guilt but there are ways to overcome and perhaps help others fighting with it.

Masturbation affects the body in various ways; It increases sexual sensitivity (in cases of sexual dysfunction, masturbation may enhance sexual desire and sensitivity). Also, medically, masturbation flushes out old sperm with low motility (sperm stuck in the genital tract) from the male’s genital tract so the next ejaculation contains more fresh sperm, which have higher chances of achieving conception during intercourse. However, in females, masturbation may alter conditions in the vagina, cervix and uterus, in ways that can alter the chances of conception from intercourse, depending on the timing of the masturbation.

Well, masturbation in itself is addictive and it’s disadvantages cannot be taken away from its advantages. Addiction to Masturbation can be harmful. It causes increased chances of erectile dysfunction, premature and weak ejaculation and it may also reduce the chances of reaching climax during sex. Masturbation may reduce firmness of the male genital organ during subsequent ejaculation, in cases of addictive masturbation. It leads to fatigue and may also bring about pain due to roughness.

Compulsive masturbation due to Addiction may be sign of emotional and psychological problems. Addictive masturbation may cause neurological problems such as anxiety and may lead to bodily harm. There are reported cases of urinary incontinence or the inability to control the release of urine. Other effects include: physical exhaustion; impotence; low sperm count in males, vaginal discharge, dryness and infections in females; and sperm leakage in males. Some studies show that people that tend to masturbate a lot or that are addicted to masturbation usually avoid intimacy with other people, which may lead to anxiety disorder.

Masturbation may not be safe for pregnant women because orgasms may increase chances of Labor.

However, masturbation reduces the risk of contacting Sexually transmitted Infections and Diseases, it relieves stress due to endorphins (chemicals that promotes sense of happiness) released during masturbation. Some studies say it boosts self esteem and reduces depression. It also relieves sexual tension and cramps.

The underlying point is that too much of everything can be bad. You cannot take the bad from the good in this case as overtime its effects comes knocking. If you do have a friend going through this phase, ensure not to make this an offence to him or her, walking out of this can be quite difficult and meeting a psychologist or a therapist could help do a lot.

Never use masturbation to replace faithfulness in marriage, it is betrayal to your spouse- look up exercises like “kegel exercise” to help reduce the effects of masturbation. Support people who masturbate, never criticize and get courage to walk out of it. With your help, masturbation can reduce today.

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