Missing Home

Do you still remember the song “Home my home, when shall I see my home? When shall I see my native land, I will never forget my home.”
Hmm, my home; how much I miss you, how much I long for you, even when I reach the house I still miss my home. Home isn’t house and house is not home.

There is an element contained inside the house that makes it a home. It’s the element that always draw our heart back when we are far away, when we are suffering and even when we are catching fun… my home is my home and it can never be substituted by any other place.

Alas! I’m back home, but this isn’t my home. No! it isn’t the home; it’s nothing but just a house. Where is the sweetness? Where is the togetherness? Where is the love? everything seem to be far fetched. Oh! I can’t find my home no more, I’m in my house but my home has vanished into the thin air.

Say to the god of peace, there is no peace till my home is found,
Say to the god of wealth, he shouldn’t pay me visit but rather go in search of my home,
Say to joy, its abode is missing, he should join in the quest for my home.
My home, when shall I see you, I will never forget you, my home.

by Ajewole Femi S.

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