more than gold



And the world looks away,
The society is engrossed,
Embracing all other things.

Now, who looks away from the future
and expects its benevolence?
Who disdains posterity and secures perpetuity?

In all its extreme rendition,
Young minds are easy gold mines,
Ready but seeking for a miner.
A true miner

…So what happened to compassion?

Our society, children often are maltreated,
Children are abandoned and left in the jaws of death
Others abused and left with painful memories.

The little one wondered:
Why her existence brought so much pain,
But still she longed for her mother’s love,
She probably will never gain.

All she thought her self to be, was a blessing,
But she grew up thinking her self the reason for mothers stressing,
Felt lost and dejected, with no one to love.

At times she preferred the cold hands of death
She thought about her self as not gold enough,
All she needed was company and affection,

And all she got was loneliness and rejection,
Abused, trapped and lost,  her heart won’t heal just soon
In solitude she struggled, found no succour in you and so fell,
…the battle was tough,

Little as she was and of brief days,
Depression became her best companion,
Battling to be strong and survive became the big test.

Mothers are beautifully created,
Adorned with hearts of gold,
full of kindness and laced with affection

Not only is she the child’s doorway to earth,
A mother is a child’s teacher,
A child’s shield and strength,
A child’s only true companion.

Life has always graced us with choices
Between leaving the child by the bin ,
And taking her back home;

You had a choice to make,
You chose to let go the joy others long and crave for,
And you decided to loose someone special.
Called several names by the society,
While You live a normal life,
probably on the side of luck.

For sure someday you will need her,
I hope u know she would be long gone,
And would have found love in strange arms,
Comfort in mothers not for birthing her,

…but nature is true and upholds justice,
Once you hurt a child
They whom the future is entrusted.
Jewels of God whom you were to write on their blank heart
Soonest, now or later comes regret
Do not forget this…



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