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I am on my kneels with an ocean of tears Morountodun mi

Like a sinful man on a confession board

I know i have wronged your humility

I know i have murdered the charming vibes in you


Ashake came with cunning curves

And rendered me helpless and restless

Adebimpe resurfaced from the past

The past i thought have gone for eternal


Adebola came with the freshness of iyemoja

Her long hair are of angelic touch

Abeni came with stunning moves

The kick i was unable to resist.


The day i saw Adunni spews my eulogy

I was lost in the lust of love

The moment  Ashakes blessed me with a plate of asharo

The spices controlled my emotional intelligence


Never thought Oladunni will stay too long

But her skillful display of her mountain is awesome

Adesewa’s father possesses wealth like Aje olokun

Arewa couldn’t let go of me

After my first night with Her highness


Baami coerced me into a union with Moradeke

To strengthen the friendship with his close friend-Adigun

Kamaparo’ Moradeke rewa lo’mobinrin

But love transcends business commitment.


Morountodun,none of this co-travellers can match your gentility

None has the traits of performing the motherly role

None has the vibrancy and comportment to keep my home

Morountodun,Am back  to you for a better life.



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