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Ever wondered where this high school love thing always ended? Could it lead to true love or broken hearts of two young individuals riding a boat on a stormy sea ahead?

Well, before I changed schools, there was this girl in my class that I secretly admired right from Jss 1 (grade 7). My “feelings” for her started to find expression in Jss 2 (grade 8), I was a fighter—her fighter— if anyone tried to humiliate her. I always came through to bail her out of any difficult situation asked by any teacher and was her saviour most times during a test, classwork, and assignment.

We fought while in Jss 3 (grade 9) with reasons best known to her that required the intervention of teachers as well as the whole class to resolve as we entered SSS 1 (grade 10). In grade 11 (Sss 2) the first term precisely, I had to relocate due to something tragic. I wasn’t happy leaving because we just started getting to know each other better.

Here I am, the second term in another school and in another state. I was scared because I knew I had to start my life afresh again and deep down I was not ready for that. On her side, she was saddened when she heard that I was not coming back, her tears couldn’t bring me back neither was it capable of changing the future.

The first few days at my new school were awkward, being the only student in my class on mufti, and asked who I was as well as my background by teachers fed me up, because constantly repeating the same thing was not my thing. They presumed me to be one rich kid who was dropped at school with a P525 HSE model of Range Rover sprayed white and black. Guys in my class were quite mischievous which made me mingle with the ladies more, the ladies found me very interesting as a result of my quiet and sensitive lifestyle with a certain cliche of friends trying to unfold the real me.

In the long run, I had a crush on one of the girls and I prompted her not to announce it to anyone, not because we did anything bad but I didn’t want any form of interference from people who would end up dictating things for us.

A lot changed ever since I let out my feelings like a cat that was freed from a bag, we didn’t really communicate that much in school except through social media… I became vulnerable to being bullied by my mates and a whole lot, maybe because she was the only one who knew things about me and shared it to the class like a plate of chocolate cookies. There was a time the younger version of me cried, felt angry, and offended to the extent of physical assault yet I still resolved things. I made up my mind to forgive her even before she offended me.

In the long run, we graduated from school and went our separate ways, though we communicate once in a while at our various institutions. Times and seasons changed likewise did my feelings fade away leading forth to the growth of my understanding of certain things. Why waste your time building a relationship that will eventually collapse when the foundation is not solid? Invest your time, money, and resources as a high school student on building yourself first, if at all you want to get married, get married to your education now. A better future awaits you!

On the other hand, do you think i was ever wrong? Was it fair on my side to play Mr. Good gentle guy? What are your thoughts on this?

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