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My Life My Destination

Things don’t always go our way
This is life
All paths lead to two directions
Failure or success
It doesn’t matter the sea
Or the drought
Ferrari or motorcycle
You are still heading
To the same destination

So did you ever think
I would break down and cry?
I sometimes did
Yet my journey continued
It didn’t have to go my way
I knew my destination
Ferrari or Motorcycle
I laughed, I cried
It was still my journey

Can you predict the sun?
Perhaps you would know how hot
It would be
I doubt you live with the rain
It wouldn’t tell you its secret
How intense it would be
You may be covered or out in it
Ferrari or motorcycle

I’m not in a competition
The Tortoise and Cheetah made it
Both to the Ark
I don’t race faster than my track
We will all arrive
Ferrari or Motocycle
Remember your destination

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